Celebratory Event Dedicated to the 80th Birthday of Mr. Mamistvalishvili

28 October,2019


On October 25, 2019 an event, dedicated to the 80th birthday of Mr. Eldar Mamistvalishvili took place at GSTU. Mr. Giorgi Sosaishvili talked about octogenarian’s work and his dedication to his hometown, university and fallow Georgians. Mr. Giorgi Khodgevanishvili, HE Andria, Mr. Ramaz Shioshvili, Prof. Jaba Samushia, Prof. Zurab Papaskiri, Mr. Eldar Nadiradze, Mr. Ioseb Chumburidze and Mr. Jamlet Khukhashvili congratulated him on his anniversary. Mr. Eldar Mamistvalishvili were given a present of remembrance from Gori University and students performed at the end of the evening, the event was led by Nana Sadghobelashvili, a student of GSTU


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