lecture, given by Said Muliani at GSTU

15 November,2016

Said Muliani was born in v Chughruti. He is a descendant of Georgians, who were forcefully resettled in Persia , 400 years ago. They are called Fereydan Georgians. Said Muliani is a historian and teaches at Isfahan University branches. He was the first fereydany who received the highest education in history and started working at the same university. He is now retired and works on Georgian projects: he created Georgian-Iranian text-book for beginners with his brother. The book came out with the financial support from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and sold out immediately . As learning Georgian was highly required , he decided to open summer Georgian schools which function only in Martkopi and Isfahan. He successfully manages to continue teaching Georgian in summer school. More than 300 people managed to learn Georgian over the years. He is the author of numerous books, one of them was admitted to be the book of the year. He , also, writes poetry in Georgian, has a wife and and a son.


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