Regulations append.

Regulations of Gori State Teaching University, LEPL

1. Introduction
1.1 regulations of GSTU (later University) regulates academic, administrative and assisted help employee rights and protects them. Determines rules of hiring /dismissal of employees, duties and obligations of personal, length of paid vacations, working hour and rules of utilization, forms of incentives, bases of disciplinary liability and observing the rules within the university
1.2 university employees should obey rules of regulations.
2. Hire/ dismiss an employee
2.1 when hiring a person, administration of the university is obliged to ask ID, autobiography and diploma.
2.2 realization of holding a position at the university is determined by the Georgian legislation.
2.3 To hire/transfer a person to another position, administration of the university should:
a) Explain an employee his/her duties and conditions of compensation.
b) Make an employee squinted to university regulations.
c) Explain an employee how to maintain technical instruments.
2.4 dismissal of an employee is based on:
a) An agreement of both sides.
b) Initiated by an employee or the administration
c) Other cases, determined by the legislation
2.5 a person, who is authorized by the university, negotiates the dismissal of an employee.
2.6 An employee has a right to quite his/her job and gives notice to his/her employer 30 business days prior. If contract of employment does not say otherwise.
3. Duties and obligations of university personal.
3.1 university and faculty management is obliged to:
a) Oversee teachers/academics work, based on their scientific or pedagogical qualification.
b) Give timely notice to teachers about their working schedule.
c) Give proper working space to each teacher.
d) Give instructions and working schedule in timely manner. Supply them with necessary equipment, material etc.
e) Ensure working, studying and the meeting of a requirement duties.
f) Realize all rules of work contract, work schedule, execute security and sanitary measures.
3.2 University employees should not change curriculum on their own initiative, or alter days, hours, lecture-rooms, substitute teaching without dean’s consent.
3.3 university employees:
a) should keep order in the university; honor the work-contract and university regulations.
b) Should execute instructions, given by the administration in timely manner.
c) Should execute duties of work- contract.
d) Shouldn’t allow tardiness , keep the working hours and schedule under control.
e) Should give a report after taking training courses or raising his/her qualification.
f) Should not leave his /her room unattended except a break if it is not necessary for the work.
4. Duration of a vacation
4.1 University employee has a right to take paid vacation. 24 business days a year.
4.2 University employee has a right to take unpaid vacation. 15 calendar days a year.
4.3 There may be other occasions, dates and conditions, based on work contract.
4.4 University employee can have a vacation after 11 months he/she had started working. If the contract suggests an employee can be given a vacation earlier.
4.5 2 years after an employee had started working , he/she can take a vacation any time of the year.
4.6 If the contract suggests, an employee can use his/her vacation days in part.
4.7 Academic personal, teachers, associate professors can take their vacations during summer break. According to this paragraph, if the contract suggests, they can take their vacations any time of the year.
4.8 According to this paragraph, item 1,2, regulation is applied to persons, who work as in academic, administration and assisting fields at the same time.
4.9 An employee , who works at administrative department, a vacation can be given by the order of the head of the office.
5. Working time and usage
5.1 Working time for academic personal, teachers and associate professors is not fixed. During the working day they do their work.
5.2 For administrative and assisted personal, working day starts at 9.00 o’clock and ends at 18.00 o’clock. From November 1 until March 1 day starts at 9.30 and ends at 17.30. from July 25th till September 1st , working day starts at 10.00 and ends at 17.00. Break hours are from 13.00 till 14.00.
5.3 Working hours are determined by the timetable of the academic personal.
5.4 Administration office is obliged to check the records of personals timely appearance at work.
6. Encouragement
6.1 Administration gives incentives to its employees for their honest ,hard work, for their dedication to the university.
6.2 types of encouragement are:
a) Giving letters of gratitude.
b) Giving bonuses
c) Giving a present.
6.3 Types of encouragement is determined by the appropriate office of the university according to administrative- legal act of Georgian legislation.
7. Regulation of examining a complaint / personal application, principals of ethical and disciplinary proceedings
7.1 examining a complaint/ personal application is realized on the bases of Georgian legislation.
7.2 If an employee does not do his/ her work properly or violates ethical norms, university takes following actions:
a) Warning.
b) Reprimand.
c) Severe reprimand.
d) Deduction from the salary, no more than 10 working days.
e) To fire an employee
7.3 Types of misconduct and neglect of his/ her duties are:
a) To be prejudiced during evaluation of the student or give a student unfair marks.
b) Miss the work or late for the work numerous times without reasonable excuse.
c) Obstruct others work.
d) Disobey or obstruct university regulations;
e) Insult a co-worker or colleague.
f) give false information or falsify personal information to university.
g) Not producing syllabus in timely or proper manner.
h) give political speeches or propaganda during the lecture.
i) Slander or insinuate an employee or a student of the university.
j) Give shame to the university.
k) take alcoholic beverages during the working hours.
l) Violate social norms.
m) Neglect his/ her duties, determined by the regulations, contract or other acts of legislation.
7.4 take disciplinary measures severity of the misconduct, circumstances, person’s behavior and his history.
7.5 Recommendations are given to appropriate party by disciplinary committee, which is made on the bases of rector’s order and consisted of the deans of the faculty, faculty member/members . after the recommendations , appropriate party takes measures about the issue.
7.6 Before the decision is made , a person should be asked of explanations of his/her actions. If the person is on vacation, the verdict is executed after the vacation is over.
7.7 The decision is executed in 30 days period ( vacation, person’s leave are not excluded)
8. Discipline in the university
8.1 Administration of the university is obliged to maintain university property.
8.2 Smoking is forbidden in the premises, except special rooms for smoking.
9. Regulation conclusions.
9.1 Regulations are placed in special space. HR should make sure that a new employee is familiarized with the regulations and he/she should sign a form.
9.2 Regulation is valid on the same day of its public announcement, that is , when the regulation is placed in public spice for everybody to read.
9.3 Alteration or change, made within the regulation is based on determined rule.