Vocational Educational Programs

  1. Small Business Manufacturing.- fourth stage.
  2. Small Business Manufacturing- fifth stage.
  3. Preschool teacher- fifth stage
  4. Web-developer - fifth stage
  5. Web-Administrator- fifth stage
  6. Librarian-fourth stage
  7. Advertisement Agent- fourth stage
  8. Accounting- fifth stage
  9. Office management- fourth stage
  10. Event Management- fourth stage
  11. Dairy Manufacturing-fourth stage

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Remembrance of the soldiers

GSTU administrative and academic personnel visited the memorial in Shindisi and paid their respect to  the fallen soldiers during the 2008 war. 

08 August, 2020 See More

graduation party took place at GSTU

On August 5, 2020 graduation party took place at GSTU. Mr. Giorgi Sosiashvili, a rector of the university gave an opening speech and congratulated students. He...

05 August, 2020 See More