Vashlevi Public School Students visit GSTU

22 October,2019

On October 21, the faculty of Education, Exact and Natural Sciences organized a meeting with alumni and students of Teachers training educational program. Invited guests were representatives of Vashlevi public school, Kharagauli Municipality. The dean of the faculty , Mr. David Chochishvili gave warmly welcome to guests and introduced teachers, who were employed to various schools, after they had graduated the program successfully. Mrs. Nana Termakozashvili, head of Gori resource center assessed current and upcoming events in the field.
Mrs. Ketevan Lursmanashvili, the principle of Vashlevi public school, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for implementing the program; as it happens, Khatia Gogaladze, alumna of the program, were chosen as a teacher, after she had passed the exams.
Mss. Natia Okropiridze, another alumna of the program, who also were hired at Mereti and Tortizi public schools, Gori municipality, and Tamar Kareli, a student, gave speeches at the meeting.
As a conclusion, Mr. Giorgi Sosiashvili talked about the reform and university’s involvement in the process. After official part of the meeting, Vashlevi public school student toured university premises.


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