Teachers and students of GSTU continue to work on an archeological site

15 October,2021

Teachers and students of GSTU continue to work on an archeological site near Nikozi, a project fulfilled by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. On October 14, supervisors and students visited the sight once again and worked on N1 and N 4 archeological sites. In the central part of one of them, a structure made by man was detected (length of 0.7m). In sites N2 and N3 human imprints are not discovered, however, there was a quite deformed fragment of bronze vessel,  a piece from the upper part of the item. It happens to be an unexpectedly old burial ground,  where terracotta pieces were unearthed (site N 4), an item connected to the Mtkvar-Araksi period with its technology and shape. Upper part of the place is rather  damaged by constant ploughing, but scientists claim that remaining body bones ( a skull and a tibia) belonged to early bronze era, and the prostrated body was buried  facing south-east.  There were small, terracotta vessels buried with him, presumably for food to take with him to the other side. (saghzali). The archeological excavations are still ongoing.


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