About the Faculty

Gori. Chavchavadze st. 53. Tel. Fax. 0(370)27 46 78
E-mail: contact@gu.edu.ge
Web: www.gu.edu.ge

The dean of faculty:
Associate professor: Ketevan Barbakadze
Tel.: 577 15 12 11
E-mail: qbarbakadze@gmail.com

The chief of quality assurance office of faculty :
Professor: Mamuka Jolbordi
Tel.: 593 286 040
E-mail: mjolbordi@gu.edu.ge

Specialist of quality assurance office of faculty:
Professor: Mariam Koberidze:
Tel.: 599 11 15 31
E-mail: mkoberidze@gu.edu.ge

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XXXI student scientific conference

On June 11, 2021, third year students of social science, business and law -Khatia Khabashvili and Temur Kopadze, thesis advisor Prof. Maka Salkhinashvili,...

11 June, 2021 See More


The law clinic of GSTU and faculty of social sciences organized a webinar on geoblocking and how to overcome the obstacles in trade law. the webinar was led by...

09 June, 2021 See More