Jean Monnet Module Coordinator

Prof. Ekaterine Kardava is the author and coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module “EU Explored in Association Agreement”/EUEAA.”

- Doctor of Law
- Jean Monnet Professor
- Professor of the Gori State Teaching University
- Associate Professor at the Caucasus University (affiliated)
- Author and co-coordinator of the Jean Monnet project "Legal Face of the European Union" (LFEU) at the Caucasus University.
- Co-author and expert of Jean Monnet's Project Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools (TEESS) at the Caucasus University; Co-author of the School Texbook on the European Association in Georgia.
- Co-author and content-creator of the TV show Europe Time (with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation)
- Author and director of the project "CJEU Case Law and Georgian Labor Law" (with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation)
- Chairman of the Association "European Time"
- Trainer at the Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (European Association Process in Georgia)
- 23 years of professional experience at Public Sector, among on positions – Head of the office of the Committee on European Integration of the Parliament of Georgia; Head of the division of EU Law and International Treaties of the Administration of Government of Georgia
- 9 years of professional experience at civil society sector. Expert and researcher - PMCG, ICMPD, CSRDG, FES, KAS, USAID/G4G, GIZ
- 17 years of academic work at universities. Lectures: EU law, Labour Law, European Integration and ENP, Comparative Labour Law, Public law, Law of Obligation.
- Author of more than 20 scientific publications (books, articles).


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