Mission of Faculty

Humanitarian Faculty

  •  suggests its students educational programs based on the newest scientific researches.
  • sets itself as an object to promote the students, to get general humanitarian education, concrete purview as well.
  • provides with the development of the basic and the secondary (additional) educational programs.
  • sets itself as an object to correspond own educational and researching activity to scientific, political and cultural interests variable in time.
  • provides with the students to perform their own abilities as much as possible, to master modern ways and methods of searching for problems and independent research.
  • creates promotional conditions for the students to express the critical idea and to form self-critical skills by the constructive way.
  • gives opportunity to carry on different directions of the career in humanitarian sciences.
  • confers the special importance to  create the conveniences for the students and its own staff.
  • confers the priority to the conjoint participation of the academic and helpmate staff, the students and public in ruling  of faculty.
  • supports to the  democratic and dynamic model of management.
  • Vindicates intimacy to the undergraduates of faculty.

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XXXI student scientific conference

On June 11, 2021, third year students of social science, business and law -Khatia Khabashvili and Temur Kopadze, thesis advisor Prof. Maka Salkhinashvili,...

11 June, 2021 See More


The law clinic of GSTU and faculty of social sciences organized a webinar on geoblocking and how to overcome the obstacles in trade law. the webinar was led by...

09 June, 2021 See More