07 June, 2018

Gori State Teaching University announces competition for occupying academic position of associate professor

The Fifth International Scientific Conference

06 January, 2017

About the approval of the statute regulating the conduct of the Iakob Gogebashvili International Scientific Conference at LEPL-...

Changes in Academic Calendar

06 April, 2016

About the changes in the order #1-65; October 2, 2015 on the academic calendar of 2015-2016 made by the Rector of LEPL –...

Elections of the Members of Representative Council

05 October, 2015

About appointing elections of the members of Representative Council at LEPL-Gori State Teaching University.

Teaching Process Dates

05 October, 2015

About defining teaching process dates for 2015-2016 academic year at LEPL-Gori State Teaching University.  

Dates for Professional Testing

30 September, 2015

About defining dates of the professional testing for Professional Educational Programs for the fall semester 2015 at LEPL Gori...